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Rental Terms and Conditions


The client must send an advance corresponding to 30% of the total
cost by means of a bank transfer, addressed to the owners of the accommodation, in order to receive the confirmation of the reservation. To avoid confusion, it is advisable to specify the date of arrival and the name of the house to be rented.


The prices of the accommodation include the use of sheets and towels (except for previously agreed offers that indicate otherwise), as well as electricity costs.  The price of the accommodation service will refer to overnight stays or days, starting at 16 hours and ending at 12 noon. The non-cessation, without previous notice, in the occupation of the accommodation at that time will imply the extension of the same for one more day. In case of wanting to extend your stay you must inform us in advance; Provided that such an extension is possible the relevant supplement shall be applied. For extension up to 8 hours 50% of the marked rate will be applied.


The cost of the stay will be paid on arrival.


In the case of cancellation of a reservation, the expenses are thus established. 45 days or more before arrival we will charge 35 euros for minimum expenses. From 44 to 30 days before arrival we will charge 50% of the total price. From 29 to 15 days before arrival we will charge 75% of the total price. From 14 days to the day of arrival we will charge 100% of the total price.


The day of arrival of the clients to the house, they have to check in until latest 20.00 o’clock. In case the clients have not arrived at the accommodation at that time, the accommodation can be rented to other possible clients. It is possible to arrive later than the stipulated time as long as the customer notifies through a telephone call.


The departure time is 12 noon. To stay later you need to advise in advance.


The advance made by the clients to confirm the reservation will be held as security until their departure. In the event of damage, its cost will be deducted from that amount.


The price for each extra bed varies according to the selected accommodation. To book correctly you must add it in the booking form. They will be installed on your arrival and withdrawn at your departure for which there will be a charge per stay.


The high season is set for the Christmas and New Year periods. During these periods the houses will be rented for a minimum of 5 days or 3 days during the bank holidays.
Weekends will consist of two days, usually entering Friday afternoon and departing Sunday morning. In case of arranging another day of entry with the owner - so the stay includes some day of the weekend - the rates will continue to be those indicated as "weekend". This case is considered in the same way in the case of "bank holidays".


If the number of clients exceeds the host capacity indicated on our website, an economic compensation will be required proportional to the price per person. If additional guests are presented in the accommodation without prior agreement with the owner, the owner will reserve the right to refuse them.


Pets are welcomed to our farm. The owners must monitor them so they keep outside the rooms, behave correctly and don´t cause any damage.  For the extra cost in cleaning we ask for € 5,00 per day and animal. A security deposit may be required if it is convenient.


In Casa Andaluza and Villa Cómix you will find the sheets on each bed, properly ironed and folded. If you wish to find the beds made please request.
The cleaning is up to the clients during their stay. We try to recycle all garbage, so customers are asked to separate it and deposit it in the corresponding spaces.


The clients are expected to be respectful for the facilities of the rural houses, as well as their owners and other possible clients, and in general to the whole environment, both cultural and natural. Any suggestion on your part will be appreciated.

The client's stay will be terminated in advance when he / she fails to comply with the usual norms of behavior, hygiene or coexistence, as well as in cases that expressly prohibit the establishment owner from exceeding accommodation places authorized by the Department of Industry, Commerce, Tourism and Work.

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