miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

Children’s Entertainment Area

The farm has three areas prepared for the youngest even though, in the nature, they do not need much to enjoy at the maximum!

 Being in direct contact with the nature makes us more conscious of the importance of the natural cycle and helps us to value the resources that Mother Earth gives us.

Investigating, discovering, indentifying, protecting, sharing and valueing are human beings actions that we value enormously when transmitting them to the youngest generations; our future!

The human environment of Huerta la Cansina created in the year 2012 a non-profit association, Asociación Eco-educativa Caravana, to promote the knowledge and direct contact of the youngest with all these so valuable resources: the natural freedom and the respect to the environment.

Close to the houses area we prepared a few years ago a part of the orange grove to develope activities for the youngest and from the year 2012 we are successfully developing an infantile summer camp where children enjoy an open educational space; we promote the responsibility, the creativity, the motivation, the respect, the autonomy and the development as persons by learning how to respect the environment and the valuation of the basic resources that nature offers.

The excellent result of this activity pushed us to implement some of this activities in a day by the Eco-escuela or Taller de la Naturaleza  obtaining also in these actions a very good reception by children and teachers. The visits of Eco-escuela  are developed by workshops related to the garden, the animals of the farm and other workshops linked to materials proceeding from the nature as the workshop of ceramic mud or the Bio Construction (RRR) one.

Playground: if you want to see more pictures, please visit our image gallery by clicking here

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