miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2016

La Cansina as film set

One of the most peculiar and surprising facets of Huerta La Cansina
is the potential for becoming a film set for audiovisual productions of all kinds:
series, TV shows, video or film footage. During this time of activity several producers have seen

Huerta La Cansina as a perfect place to become a film studios.

The location, the house’s decoration, the country atmosphere or even the landscapes make it an ideal place for recording all sorts of shots and scenes.

These are some of the latest productions shot here, among which we find the music video of singer Sergio Labandón or musical group the Roots Rocker.

Also, in the summer of 2015 the producer Pedro Almodovar chose this place to shot some scenes of his latest film Julieta. This way, during an entire month we saw La Cansina and facilities turn into an authentic film set with their offices, dressing rooms , changing rooms and technical area. It was definitely a colossal experience!

Also in 2015, the rising Sevillian band Los Labios decided to make our fall even more beautiful and turn our garden into a rock music temple for three intense weeks. Sammy Taylor, son of the missing music icon milestone Seville Silvio, the prestigious guitarists and vocalists Charlie Cepeda and Alvaro Suite, fabulous Ricky Candela on bass and Fernando Reina on drums, recorded here, making Villa Comix, Nave Verde hall and it’s surrounding areas as the setting for the reality show Toque Flamenco, responsible for their first tour through the Americas. This coexistence, with the support of Almodo-bar, really left a good taste in our mouths! 


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