viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

Casa Mediterránea for 4 people

Casa Mediterránea  is located on a first floor.It has capacity for four people in its well-maintained lookout attic. 

The house is equipped with full kitchen, bathroom, air conditioning, heating, TV and WIFI connection.
Casa Mediterránea features a terrace. In addition, it also has a rooftop that can be used as a solarium or as a lookout, as it is one of the highest spots on the farm.


Precios según día

  Casa Mediterránea - 4 vacancies
  Registration Nº: 


Week Weekend
Special days
Daily rate
90 €
120 €
110 €

*Visitation days: Thursday morning and afternoon and Friday morning, after telephone booking.
Minimum stay: 2 nights *

* Except special periods.
Registration Nº: VAR/SE/0067

Standard price: € 100 / day
Max Adults: 4
Beds: 3
Bathrooms: 1

Availability: Available

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