viernes, 11 de marzo de 2016

The organic garden, the animals, the forest and the craftwork

Besides a small garden placed on a side of  Villa Cómix, in another area of the property you can find a bigger vegetable garden. All our fruit and vegetable posses an ecological stamp and we produce our own compost and fertilizer proceeding from the fallen leaves and our animals.

 In the henhouse and the aviary we have different types of hens, turkeys, roosters, a couple peacocks, chickens, rabbits, partridges, quails and a great number of birds as parakeets, agapornis, canaries, turtle-doves diamond, sparrows of Java, Isabelita, doves, beak of coral ... not forgeting our donkey Paca, our two mastiffs Leon and our kitty.

Apart from those, the wild fauna turns out to be interesting. We can easily see owls, rabbits, hedgehogs, lizards, and a great variety of birds.

And in the highest area of the property there is a eucalyptus forest where you will find a children's area, you can have nice walks or you can camp in a tent or caravan.

Our agro-ecological garden has been designed 
following the approaches that we extracted from the book "The Easy Ecological Garden" of the Majorcan musician and farmer Gaspar Caballero de Segovia. Specifically it is the method of "paradas en crestall"


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