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About us

Pedro Almodovar chose Huerta La cansina as location for some scenes of his last work "Julieta" In the photo he can be seen after the film shooting with a part of the team.

 I am Eduardo, your host. My grandfather, known in Mairena as Don Carlos, bought this farm at the beginning of the last century and dedicated his days to the breeding of farm animals and the cultivation of bitter oranges; thus this farm was, in those years, a constant movement of workers who carried out these tasks. My studies brought me here one May in the 1990s with the objective of finding the tranquility that my books demanded and what I got was not only to approve but to start a great project of rural tourism versed in the sustainability and the recovery of what my dear ancestor had sown. A short time later, the family decided to open our doors to anyone who wanted to impregnate the essence of those times.

Huerta la Cansina is an estate of 4 and a half hectares located in the Sevillian countryside. In full nature but close to the urban core of Mairena del Alcor and its capital, Seville.

Beyond the classic image of a holiday farm the atmosphere that can be absorbed is of a multifunctional activity that includes the maintenance and improvement of the four houses that are part of the property, the production of ecological vegetables and fruits, the breeding of varied farm animals and cultural activities linked to art or the entertainment of the youngest. Nowadays it is more than ever open to the intercultural exchange between travelers of all nationalities.

These activities have been developing since the end of 1998 following a model of sustainability and self-sufficiency. From that moment the farm has been improving and expanding its spaces thanks to a group of people who have contributed to the development of the Huerta la Cansina project in a collaborative way.
The farm is ideal for outdoor celebrations, meetings of large and small families, stays of couples, meetings of friends or solitary getaways. The space invites to relax and enjoy. 

Its four houses, of different capacities and styles, are independent of each other but nearby. They are located around the gardens and the double water basin today converted into a swimming pool.
Each house has its own garden or terrace surrounded by gardens and common areas such as swimming pool, three children's areas, orchard area, animal area (aviary, chicken coop), eucalyptus forest where the donkey lives, aloe plantation, the orange grove ...

 In addition, Huerta la Cansina has a cozy multipurpose saloon and a bar with a nice terrace where you can relax.

We hope that the visitors appreciate the growth and the constant improvements in the place. The sustainable model that we follow, combined to the family life, permits us a slow but gradual growth. Our future generations are growing in an environment we try to pamper with respect; values that we transmit with happiness, music and surrounded always by beautiful persons.

We love la Cansina, and we love sharing it!
We are waiting for you!
A small hamlet, worthy of being known and enjoyed, in the beautiful valley of the Guadalquivir.

The team of la Cansina, looking forward to meeting you and sharing this wonderful space with all travelers looking for new experiences.

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